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The Sweet and Sour Timeline: 160 Years of American Chinese Cuisine

22/02/2013Print  |  Back to Host the Ninth Annual Awards on Saturday

To Honor Top100 Local Favorite Chinese Restaurants, Top 10 Chains & Celebrate "the Ninth Regional Cuisine of Chinese Food" in the U.S.

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NEWARK, Calif.Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The 9th Annual Top100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Ceremony will be held on February 16, organized by the Chinese Restaurant Foundation. The highlight of this year's awards show is the ribbon cutting ceremony for a 40-feet-long wall exhibit  "the Sweet and Sour Timeline", celebrating the milestones within the last 160 years of American Chinese Cuisine from the clay pots to the "melting pot".  Over 300 restaurateurs and chefs from 39 states,Canada and China are expected to attend. Honorable guests include Congress Member Judy Chu, the Smithsonian Representative Cedric Yeh, Master Chef Martin YanNewark Mayor Alan NagyFremontMayor Harrison & top Chinese restaurant chain representatives including PF Chang's and Panda Express.

Top 100 Local Favorite Chinese Restaurants and Top 10 Chains will be awarded following the ribbon cutting. Chinese restaurants in America evolve all the way from the first one opened in San Francisco in 1849 to a total number exceeding forty-six thousand, collectively grossing a sales revenue of 32 billion dollars in 2012. According to Chinese Restaurant News, in 1980's Chinese restaurants in the U.S. are fewer than 20,000. The number reached close to 30,000 in 1995, & 46,700 in 2010.Today Chinese Americans make up less than 1% of the U.S. population, yet roughly one-third of all ethnic restaurants in the U.S. serve a Chinese menu; and almost every supermarket carries a line of Chinese food. Fusion cuisine - or, a mixture of Chinese cuisine with another culture, or cooking style, has also become a trend in all restaurants across the nation.  Celebrating 160 years of Chinese cuisine in the United Statesis truly a milestone.  

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Chinese Restaurant Foundation, officially established in 2011, is the first non-profit trade association for the Chinese restaurant professionals, to promote the development of Chinese Cuisine in the US.  (

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Chinese Restaurant News ( was founded in 1995 to inform Chinese speaking owners and operators of 47,000 restaurants in the US of industry news and trends. CRN is published by Smart Business Services, Inc. (

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