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Nominated Restaurants

If your favorite Chinese restaurant is not listed in the website, please click here to fill in the nomination table to nominate it. After nomination, your favorite restaurant will be displayed in the Nominated Restaurants page.
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Nomination Details


  • 1 star - Tasty comfort food! Good enough to warrant another visit.
  • 2 star - Fresh & delicious. Really enjoyed the food!
  • 3 star - Yummy yummy, Fresh, Some of healthy dishes.Looking forward on my next visit to try them all. A wonderful taste journey.
  • 4 star - Excellent in color, aroma, and taste; many healthy food choices.Absolutely wonderful and made my stomach smile. An unparalleled explosion of flavor.
  • 5 star - Fascinating combination of food and art; cooked by celebrity chef ; main in healthy dishes,Never forget it; Best in the state.Didn’t know food could taste so good!


  • 1 star - Face with smile,lovely, Satisfactory.
  • 2 star - Very polite and friendly, Attentive without being intrusive.
  • 3 star - The staff excellent, Super polite and friendly.
  • 4 star - Much more helpful and efficient than expected.Want to make friends with the staff.
  • 5 star - Serviced whatever you want quickly and actively, Wonderfully gorgeous , Like visiting old friends!


  • 1 star - The dining area was clean and inviting. Pretty good.
  • 2 star - Fabulous, Fantastic.
  • 3 star - Amazing clean and inviting
  • 4 star - The dining area was really clean and inviting, Leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.
  • 5 star - Never seen such good sanitation in other restaurants. Immaculate.


  • 1 star - Contemporary and yet welcoming! Great place! Sets the right tone.
  • 2 star - With comfortable music, Warm and welcoming. Enjoyed those moments.
  • 3 star - With traditonal decoration.Awesome ambiance, A feast for the eyes.
  • 4 star - Very impressive and comfortable .Loved at first sight.
  • 5 star - Memorable! Exhilarating! Utterly Captivating!