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Master Chefs' Culinary Demo

Banquet Master Chef Liu Feng Kai

Liu Feng Kai, is one of China’s premier chefs. In 1978, he was sent to the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia to be the head chef. There he prepared dozens of banquets for visiting heads of state. In 1985, he returned to China and named the head chef of a famous restaurant in Shan’xi province where he also prepared banquets for many political figures including Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. In the following years he has won a number of esteemed culinary awards including Chinese Master Chef among many others. He also once prepared a 160 dish “Chinese Scorpion Banquet” which earned him patents for its invention and presentation.


Pastry Master Chef WangTong Gang

Wang Tong Gang hails from Beijing, China and is one of the country’s most highly regarded master chefs. With over 40 years of noodle making experience, he is one of the 100 most influential chefs in China and also the most senior of Beijing’s many talented noodle makers. He has won a number of China’s most prestigious noodle making awards and was once the head chef of the noodle making department at Beijing Minzu Hotel. During his time with the hotel he was responsible for managing the noodle making department and ensuring the quality of its creations. In 1990, he won an award for noodle making at the 1990 Asian Olympics in Beijing. He later went on to found OFS Food & Services and in the process helped promote Chinese culinary culture to the mainstream. Mr. Wang has also helped cultivate a number of noodle making elite over the years and in the 1990s wrote Nutrition for the Modern Family in order to help further promote healthy Chinese dining concepts.


Jimmy Zhang,Using Food Carvings to Put the Icing on the Cake

Jimmy Zhang, founder of Art Chef Inc., graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute in China in 1989. As a chef with a personal interest in the ancient fruit and vegetable carving art, chef Jimmy often teaches people in his community the basic techniques of fruit and vegetable carving. Chef Jimmy is committed to promoting this highly regarded culinary art through his own work and through the many excellent students of his, who share the same passion with him for this exquisite craft.