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Top 10 Winners
Yang Ming Restaurant

Top 1: Yang Ming Restaurant (陽明軒)

1051 Conestoga Rd, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-1555

Ranked by USA Today as one of America's "Ten Great Places to dine on fine Chinese food," and twice selected to prepare a banquet at the celebrated James Beard House in New York City, Yangming serves authentic regional and innovative fusion cuisine in a gorgeous setting. A casual atmosphere, friendly prices, skilled servers and master bartenders make Yangming a Main Line favorite. Enjoy sublime steaks, poultry and seafood with award-winning wines and superb cocktails.

Yank Sing

Top 2: Yank Sing (羊城茶室)

101 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 94105-1559

Yank Sing has seduced the palate of all ages and has provided an accommodating atmosphere for all types of functions ... business and pleasure alike.

On weekdays, there is an air of energy and purpose in the dining room as customers from San Francisco’s surrounding financial district hold business lunches, and Yank Sing’s deem sum carts laden with freshly made offerings weave their way around the tables.
Those who need to get quickly back to their offices or just wanting to enjoy a satisfying meal to go, make their way to the take out area for a Yank Sing combination lunch.
On weekends however, Yank Sing's tables spill out into the elegant surrounds of the Rincon Atrium and the 49 Stevenson Arcade; filled with friends and family, laughter and conversation.

Ming's Chinese Restaurant

Top 3: Ming's Chinese Restaurant (明苑海鮮酒家)


Ming’s Chinese Restaurant, a dine-in and take-out restaurant in Pleasant Hill, California, has set a new bar for all Chinese restaurants in America. The food served is authentic, fresh, and high quality; the service is professional and sincere. Ming’s specializes in Mandarin cuisine with small modifications to suit the locals’ tastes. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen is fresh, in good portion, authentic, and savory. The high quality ingredients along with the chefs’ excellent culinary skills make the restaurant unbeatable.

Szchuan Gourmet

Top 4: Szchuan Gourmet (朵頤食府)

13515 37Th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354-6602

Szechuan Gourmet has three locations offering spicy Chinese dishes. The New York Times gave the restaurant 2 stars but by then it was already known as being one of New York’s only truly authentic Szechuan restaurants. The chefs’ skillful use of peppercorns, chili, and oil has resulted in a number of delicious spicy dishes that tingle the tongue with bold Szechuan flavors. Delectable Szechuan offerings like Chef’s Ma Paul Tofu are a favorite of people from all over the Big Apple and beyond. It was awarded Top 100 Overall Excellence in 2010.

Concerto Fusion Cuisine

Top 5: Concerto Fusion Cuisine

2 S. Delmorr Ave, Morrisville, PA 19067

Concerto Fusion Cuisine’s dining room is like a scene out of a dream with its extravagant bar and sushi bar. After marveling at the interior, guests then get to order from a menu that lists a bevy of fusion options. The combination of East and West not only make it a perfect place for a date but also a wonderful venue for business dinners and gatherings. Concerto Fusion Cuisine was awarded Top Overall Excellence in 2010.

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

Top 6: Szechuan Chinese Restaurant (四川飯店)

3425 S 1st St, Abilene, TX 79605-1767

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant is magnificently decorated and offers a modern take on traditional Szechuan dishes. Some of the more popular dishes are Almond Shrimp, Ma Po Tofu, and Sweet and Sour Chicken. Owner Byron Huang is friendly and does an excellent job managing the restaurant. Szechuan Chinese Restaurant has won Top 100 Overall Excellence every year from 2006-2010.

Lin's Asian Cuisine

Top 7: Lin's Asian Cuisine

130 Scenic Gulf Dr. Suite #5B, Miramar Beach, FL 32550

Lin’s Asian Cuisine offers a gamut of dishes from throughout Asia. Healthy Dining has verified its Mongolian Beef, Mango Shrimp, and Mushroom Chicken as being healthy dishes. The Phad Thai and Japanese selections are also customer favorites sure to inspire even the most jaded foodie. The elegant environment and warm service make this restaurant the perfect place to feast on authentic Asian cuisine. Lin’s Asian Cuisine was awarded Top 100 Overall Excellence in 2010.

Spring World

Top 8: Spring World (紅塔山野生菌食坊)

2109 A S china pl, chicago, IL 60616

Spring World offers authentic Szechuan cuisine with a wide selection of cold appetizer dishes and hot dishes that will satisfy anyone who is craving for spicy food. Favorites include Spicy Fried Won Ton, Water Cooked beef. Spring World also offers a lot of non-spicy food for people with lower tolerance.

Congee Village

Top 9: Congee Village (粥之家)

100 ALLEN ST, NEW YORK, NY 10002-3053

Unlike many of its competitors, Congee Village has decided against going for a chic and contemporary feel, instead choosing to go for something more nostalgic. The tri-level restaurant has a wooden ceiling, a canopy of leafy greens, bamboo fences, and cane chairs that come together to make for an intriguing and relaxed venue that gives patrons the feeling that they are in rural China.

Covering 5,000 square feet, the enormous multilevel restaurant is ideal for all sorts of gatherings and functions. There is an elegant bar and a host of private rooms for throwing parties or family get-togethers in a convivial atmosphere.
Like its namesake, congee is obviously its main attraction, while the Cantonese style specialties, such as Fried Chicken w. Garlic Sauce and Steam Fish Head with Black Bean Sauce also have large followings.
Besides the namesake specialty, the restaurant also offers a plethora of Cantonese style dishes, featuring light flavor and rich ingredients. The Steam Fish Head with Black Bean Sauce, Blue Crab w. Garlic and Scallion, Preserved Vegetables with Fillet of Flounder Fish, Sliced Conch, Crispy Bean Curd Stuffed with Shrimp, and the Sliced Abalone with Green Vegetable are among some of the favorites of Chinese customers. For American customers who are not familiar with the authentic offerings, Fried Chicken w. Garlic Sauce is strongly recommended.

Golden Gate Restaurant

Top 10: Golden Gate Restaurant

1427 E Racine Ave #D, Waukesha, WI 53186

Golden Gate Restaurant has been a favorite of the residents of Waukesha for over 30 years. The Chinese vibe of the restaurant helps diners prepare for the upcoming Cantonese styled dishes. The owner, Amy is a fixture on local television with her cooking demonstrations. Golden Gate has been recognized by the local media for being the “Best Chinese Restaurant in Town” and was awarded Top 100 Overall Excellence every year from 2005-2010.